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Machine Details

ut6000The UniTube6000 tube cutting laser machine is a compact, minimal space machine. You can place 8 pipes at the same time in the automatic feeder. The lower part of the loader functions as a storage space, reducing the space requirement. During the loading the length of the pipe is automatically detected, so it can be safely operated with minimal waste of the material. There is also a possibility to automatically load a shorter pipe, with only two of the three robotic arms holding the material so that a 3 meter pipe can be fed.

ut6000 Automatic functions help the operator to work, such as tracer calibration, assist gas venting, etc., thus reducing the setup time. Functions start in a separate menu, with touch of a button, on a simple, transparent interface.

ut6000 The unloader unit can handle up to 3000 mm long parts, after cutting, the unit unload it into the carrier cage immediately, there is no need for overpacking. The unloader cover can be opened, so that all items are easily accessible for maintenance.

ut6000 The materials are typically carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. By using common cutting, melting complex contours, the amount of waste and the cycle time can be drastically reduced.

Machine Parameters

Model UniTube6000
Max loading length 6000mm
Power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Applicable tube diameter D20-200mm
Applicable rectangular pipe size 20*20mm - 140*140mm
X/Y axis positioning accuracy 0,05mm / 500mm
X/Y axis iteration accuracy 0,03mm / 500mm
X axis rapid moves speed 90000mm/min
Y axis rapid moves speed 60000mm/min

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Machine Videos

Demo and Test Videos about the UniTube 6000 Tube laser.

Our UniTube6000 tube cutting laser machine has a trailer. (The video can be seen in full screen mode as well)
New video about the UniTube6000 tube cutting machine. Now you can see more about the cutting. (The video can be seen in full screen mode as well)


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