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Machine trade

By distributing the UMET laser machines, we can flexibly meet the needs of our customers. In addition to customize the machines, we also undertake turnkey projects.


For the machines we sell, we provide the complete service and application technology background, creating the opportunity for continuous and productive use.

Training / Development

We are teaching our machines on-site training, and we also undertake individual development as control programs, postprocessor, development of macro programs.

Laser cutting and marking

We are committed to the series production of our existing machines. In addition to standard materials, we have great experience in industrial textile cutting. Please contact us for quote.

About Us

Our basic concept is to develop that laser processing machine family, which, taking into account regional needs, provides a real alternative to industry players.

For our machines, based on our experience, we use the products of market-leading parts suppliers to ensure high quality and longevity.

Thanks to local development, local service and application technology support has been given, which is a great advantage over the competitions.

The first member of the UMET brand is the UniTube 6000 tube cutting laser machine. In the following video you can see a brief introduction of the machine:

For further questions feel free to contact us.



Everything about us, everything that can be interesting for you

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The Mashinen Markt also published an article about our new laser machine. Click the picture to open.
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On the CNC.HU an article was published about our new laser machine. Click the picture to open.
Our UniTube6000 tube cutting laser machine has a trailer. (The video can be seen in full screen mode as well)
New video about the UniTube6000 tube cutting machine. Now you can see more about the cutting. (The video can be seen in full screen mode as well)
blog image 1
New fiber marking machine is ready for shipping.


Our office with showroom is located between Törökbálint and Budaörs, near the Max City.

Address: 3. Tó street, H-2040 Törökbálint (Please contact us before!)

Billing Address: 94/b Ilosvai street, H-1147 Budapest

Mob: 20/526 5444


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